Спектроскоп карманный: Дифракционный спектроскоп для анализа камней

Review of a simple spectroscope with Aliexpress

Pocket Spectroscope

For testing astronomical filters I decided to purchase an inexpensive spectroscope. On Aliexpress there are several types – more expensive (metal) and cheaper (plastic). Based on the reviews, I found out that a cheap spectroscope is even better due to a narrower slit. Ordered – with the delivery of ePacket package from China reached Anapa in just 16 days.

The spectroscope was delivered in a small bag, in a cardboard box, without additional protection. Everything arrived intact, without damage, but I nevertheless wrote to the Chinese to pack better. Included – a box, instruction in Chinese and a device in a bag.

Length – 98 mm, maximum thickness – 25 mm, weight – about 40 g. Pocket size .

Instructions for the spectroscope. Clear.


Partial disassembly

The spectroscope is made almost entirely of plastic. It consists of a cylindrical tube, a slot in the frame, a collimator, a block of prisms and a protective glass. The slit is realized as a scratch on a small mirror plate. There is some irregularity in the shape of the gap, in some places it is “not scratched”, but this does not interfere with the operation. Next comes a collimator single lens. It is possible to change the distance between the slit and the collimator.

Rifle slot


Collimator lens


Prism block. Visible adhesive composition in the place of gluing.


Ocular assembly. Just a prism with a protective glass.

There are three prisms, they are glued together in one block. The spectroscope ends with a flat protective glass. There is no coating anywhere – cheap and cheerful. The slit block and protective glass are held in rubbing, the prism block is glued to the inside of the tube. Can such a simple construction work adequately? Let’s check.

Some improvements. I rolled up a little black tape on the phone itself to cut off the stray light outside. A CS> T2 ring was screwed onto the eyepiece assembly. Perhaps I will make an adjustable slot and replace the collimator lens with an coated achromatic glue.


After revision

The spectroscope is mounted on a universal adapter Universal Digiscoping Adapter. Camera – Canon 550Da, lens – Industar 50-2. The Skilhunt H02 flashlight (neutral Cree XM-L2 LED) is used as a light source.

Some filmed spectra:

No filters. Black horizontal stripes – not fully cut slot. Artifact horizontal stripes – micro holes in the mirror coating of the gap.


Filter Baader UHC-S.


Spectrum of a desk fluorescent lamp


Spectrum of the monitor BenQ G2200W (CCFL backlight)


Spectrum laptop screen with LED-backlit


Display spectrum smartphone Honor 8 Pro


The spectrum of a green laser pointer is 532 nm (green laser pointer 301). Perfectly visible defects in the mirror coating. Several strips – it is possible that the reflections from the protective glass in front of the slit.

And then I remembered that in such cheap lasers there is no IR-cut filter that cuts off infrared radiation. Well, let’s try … I installed in front of the laser an IR-pass filter of 680 nm, which allows only infrared light to pass through. And what do we see?

The spectrum of a green laser pointer with an IR-pass filter of 680 nm.

Hmm, creepy. In general, I do not recommend looking at the point from the green laser pointers, and it is desirable to equip the laser with an IR-cut filter.

Spectrum of the Sun. Fraunhofer lines are visible. Not bad!

General impressions:
An interesting device. For a ridiculous price, we actually get, albeit a simple, but a working spectroscope. The cost of refinement is minimal, there is room for creativity – to make light protection, replace the slot, collimator, etc. The spectroscope is suitable both for entertainment and for simple measurements of filter transmission. I think it will also be a good gift to an inquisitive child. I recommend to buy!
You can buy a spectroscope on Aliexpress at the link: http://ali.pub/2y3gm1
I recommend choosing the type of delivery “ePacket”.

Other astronomical accessories on Ali: https://www.star-hunter.ru/en/astronomy-on-aliexpress/

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«Приобретен для лаборатории электромагнитного спектра. Эти спектроскопы просты в использовании и позволяют видеть различные световые лучи от лампочек. Моим ученикам они понравились». подробнее

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«Отлично по цене, очень точный, с полноразмерным представлением спектра. Идентифицируйте драгоценные камни с помощью отличного инструмента, сравнимого со спектроскопом Gem-A. Профессиональное качество по достойной цене цена это не игрушка. Так же хорошо, как Gem-A.Одобренный GIA тот, который подходит для двойного.Высокоточная оптика и показывает полный спектр без шкалы.Отлично подходит для геммологических исследований и любых других целей.Вернитесь, чтобы увидеть полный спектр!!! У него нет решетчатых линий, но все равно он великолепен». Подробнее

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в мягкой деревянной коробке. Они отправляют DHL с обязательной подписью. Хорошо упакованы и надежно отправлены». Подробнее

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